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As reviewed by “The Sporting Gun” , “GunMart” & “The Irish Shooters Digest”. Fantastic! .
Amazing offer buy the Ucaller Xtreme including the amplifier speaker and 2 sound cards. Dont miss out on this amazing offer.
The Ucaller Xtreme is a simple machine to use. All you have to do is select your sound and watch the target species come in. It really does work. You can call 100 s of crows in minutes, or call foxes from huge distances. With the amplifier speaker the sounds can be heard up to a mile away.
The sounds are crystal clear and are all relative to our native animals. The “Vixen fox” bark is exactly as you would hear a fox bark late in the evening. The “Magpie” sounds the same as you would hear this popular bird sqwuaking away high in the tree tops.
Two sound cards come supplied with the Unit and there are 4 calls on each card.
· External speaker jack plug so an amplifier speaker may be plugged in. We recommend the external speaker (available separately or you can save some money if you buy both together) which will give your caller a range of an easy half mile even on the widiest of nights.
· Eight calls with a separate button for each call
· Easy to use volume control
· The Ucaller Xtreme can be turned off by using a simple on/off button.
· Belt clip on the back
· Lightweight & pocket sized. 6″x3″x1″.
· This call is designed for vermin control and photographers so they may get closer photographs
The standard sound cards supplied with the Ucaller are a fox card with, Vixen, Dog Fox, Rabbit Squeal. The second card is the feather card, Crow, Magpie, Hooded Crow & Magpie Chatter. Each sound has been remastered and sounds 100% perfect. Guaranteed to bring foxes from the far hills and crows and magpies from nowhere. You will enjoy this caller. Fantastic!
Different sound cards are available separatley.
Other cards available are, Duck, Goose, Deer and predator 2.


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