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Bipod- Shooting Sticks

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The Wildhunter Biipods are lightweight and made from a rust free alloy.They are made to the highest standard and designed to last. The nut and bolt that is used at the pivoting point is a lock nut and it will not open from opening and closing the legs The shooting sticks can be closed and used as a walking aid. We have put two foam handles on the top to make it comfortable to carry. At the very top of each stick they are joined by a strong piece of webbing. This provides the perfect place to rest your rifle and take an accurate shot. The gun can be aimed from left to right while resting on the bipod. The Bipod is finished in a matt green, low viz colour to keep you discreet. The telescopic legs work with a twist-loc system, provides a very strong locking system for all leg lengths. The feet are made using carbide tips and have rubber removeable covers.There is a strap to secure the legs together when not in use.Length when closed approx 91cm. Length when opened fully approx 179cm
Non rust alloy.
Adjustable locking legs.
Locking nut / bolt used to join the legs.
Sponge handles.
Sticks are joined by strong webbing.
Lo-viz matt green finish.
Carbide tips with rubber covers.
Straps for securing legs together when not in use.
Extra Sturdy to keep your rifle secure when taking a shot.
Length when closed aprox 91cm
Legth when opened fully approx 179cm

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