Shakespeare® Firebird 10ft Mackerel Combo




The Firebird combos are perfect for anglers looking for a reliable product without breaking the bank. They display strong and attractive Firebird artwork and cosmetics that stand out in store and appeal to anglers of all ages.

These 2 pc rods are perfect for the holiday / seasonal market as well as occasional sea anglers. The rods have strong powerful blanks that makes them versatile for most aspects of sea fishing.

Key Features

◦Cushioned DPS reel seat
◦Field tested with lead and bait up to 4oz – 8 oz
◦Supplied in poly bag with the reel cable tied to the reel seat
◦Modern abbrieviated handle
◦Titanium Oxide insert double leg guides
◦Reliable 60FD reel spooled with 20lb clear mono