Hip Holster (Ambidextrous)


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A holster is simply a holder for your pistol when its not in use, whilst keeping it close to hand. Few places are closer than your hips, with this low-profile holster holding your gun securely until the moment you need it.

Manufactured by Swiss Arms out of nylon codura, this holster is rigid enough to keep your pistol in place without being uncomfortable. Designed to fit most pistols, this holster will take 1911’s, M9’s, Glocks, USP .45, SIG P226, Taurus 24/7, Walther PPk etc.

As with all holsters a belt is required, though any trouser belt will suffice. The belt loop keeps the holster close to your right-side, ensuring that when you need to draw your pistol you can. The holster has a pouch on the front for a spare magazine, keeping you in the game for longer!

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