Swiss Arms Extreme Gas (600Ml)


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There are many different types of airsoft guns – some are battery powered, spring powered or gas powered. Gas powered guns need gas to operate, as the name suggests. This gas, often referred to as green gas, is primarily for gas powered pistols, however it is also used for M203 grenades, Tornado grenades, as well as GBBR’s (Gas Blowback rifles).

This particular gas is extremely popular due to its slim-design bottle, and high pressure performance. When using guns that are tuned for greater performance, or have heavier recoil springs they need greater pressure to be able to cycle cleanly. As with most green gas, this is primarily propane mixed with silicone oil. This keeps the gun in tip-top shape, as the gas helps lubricate the small moving parts (e.g. BBU etc).

Higher pressured gas reduces the time it takes for the slide to cycle, improving your performance (especially in the colder months).

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