Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike and Tails

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3D Hybrid Pike and Tails

A super realistic Baby Pike imitation loaded with innovative features! Unparalleled 3D Scanned details will fool even the most vary predator fish and ensure you brutal attacks. The Paddle tail will give the lure an incredible lively and rocking action with a clicking rattle chamber driving the predator fish crazy!

The Curl tail can be fished ultra-slow, leaving the front part of the lure, very steady and the tail with an enticing and provoking action. A deadly combination on vary and often cautious big Pike!

When the tail is screwed on tail down – the “up force” on the tail part – will push the head of the lure down – so it runs under the surface in more or less the same depth all the way in – Turn the tail Up, and “down force” on the tail – will force the head up – so the eel comes to the surface and runs right under the surface creating a create super wake effect!

The innovative release rig, enables the rear hook to detach from the lure Body when a fish is hooked. The rig is mounted to a build in swivel – so the fish have a very hard time to roll on the lure and use the force to pull out the hooks. The clever system also protects the soft part of the lure from staying in the Toothy zone!

•We offer spare tails – to complete the perfect Hybrid Pike tail bait range!
•Runs from top to 6 feet
•3D Scanned details
•Tournament trebles and Components
•Stainless steel release rig
•Corkscrew tail mount
•Multiple action, riggings and run depths (Up force & down force)
•Paddle tail with removable rattle
•Spare tails in range
•Slow sink
•17cm Hook size #1