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Mauser Sr Pro Tactical



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Sniper rifles come in a lot of shapes and sizes – the decision on which one to go for comes down to the system you prefer i.e. VSR or APS2 (primarily; there are others of course) and then what it looks like.

This rifle is an APS2 type, based off the original Maruzen design, but manufactured by WELL. Internally it is the L96 type design which is easy to use, and renowned for both looks stealth due to its relative silence!

The body is different, modelled after the Mauser SR Pro Tactical, which gives a more ergonomic feel to the rifle as well as offering greater adjustment.

Since the gun is spring powered you don’t need any gas or batteries; just pull the bolt back and your piston is cocked. This replica includes Scope and Bipod, and is perfect for trying out the sniper role (or even just shooting targets in your back garden)!
Sniper Rifle Specification

Length 122cm
Weight 4.4kg

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