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Barnett Wildhawk Compond Bow Set



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Barnett Wildhawk Compond Bow Set, Archery is a dynamic sport that builds strength, focus and confidence. Inspire the children in your life with these invaluable character traits by purchasing their first bow. The Wildhawk compound bow features a light 18-pound draw weight with an 18- to 22-inch draw length, making it manageable for first-time archers as young as age 5. The ambidextrous riser adjusts for both right- and left-handed shooting. (Dealer assistance may be required.) Premium accessories include a soft-touch reinforced grip, finger rollers, two arrows and an adjustable sight pin. The 18Lb pound Wildhawk Compound Set. Features an all new soft touch grip, an ambidextrous reinforced handle and is offered in an eye catching color for the beginner. The set includes 2 target arrows, finger rollers, and an adjustable sight. Package Includes: 2 Target Arrow Finger Rollers Adjustable Sight

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