Full Face Mask (Basic)


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Your face and eye protection is one of the most important decisions you make in airsoft – it will greatly affect your enjoyment of the game, as different types of protection have different properties; some are quite bulky making it difficult to aim down your rifle’s sights, and some are quite minimalist exposing a greater area to be hit. Finding the balance and what works for you is critical. A full face mask offers maximum protection, though also comes at the trade off of being quite bulky – these are typically best suited for faster paced games, where there is a lot of fire. A lower mesh mask with goggles/glasses will protect the teeth, and not much else – you still get the stinging shots to the forehead, parts of the cheek etc. however you can sight down the rifle, and in general are a lot more versatile. When it comes down to it you are deciding on a level of protection that suits your style of play, which you are comfortable with.

This full face mask is made out of a nice lightweight ABS plastic and steel mesh. It has a wide elasticated strap for greater surface area, improving retention in the heat of battle! The goggle section is foam lined offering a full seal, whilst the lens is made out of steel mesh. Mesh is beneficial due to the fact it has great ventalation, and cannot possibly fog up. This particular mask includes an optional neck-piece, as well as a peak for shielding against bright light, as well as improving the overall look.

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